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Fifteen states bravely achieved their "own" goals, making the virtual outcome "only" fixed for years.


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Special adjustments to the virtual perks “market” are still underway, and since December, Hainan, Shaanxi, Yunnan, Zhejiang and other regions have introduced policies affecting or issuing special changes. As of the start of this year, 15 states have started specializing in “mining” virtual currency to achieve the goal of “eliminating” virtual currency mining.

Ding Feipeng, director of Beijing Liantong law firm, told the Securities Daily reporter:Even in central and regional regions, the “deepening” of virtual results seems to need to be watched closely.

Since December, many regions have continued to regularly update and monitor the virtual “mining” benefits associated with the operation, with surprising results and updates.

In December 3, the development group collecting virtual value “only electricity and permission for virtue of virt. Authorized an electricity industry. The other state of recovery methods, hainan is soft in the market-based marketing in China’s first point.

dit Ding Peifeng.Hainan’s increase to 0.80 yuan per kilowatt hour depends on using different electricity tariffs according to moving regulations and discounts.

Zheng Xiangxiang, chairman of the Shenzhen Data Services Industry Blockchain Association, told the Securities Daily reporter that the use of different electricity tariffs for “industry” in Hainan has increased the cost of “industry”, copy “activities” and promote “only”. It enters the market on its own and at the same time blocks new mining projects and effectively refines and eliminates existing operations from the market.

The Yunnan Electricity Regulatory Commission announced on December 10 that small and medium-sized power plants in Yunnan Province have “eliminated” illegal electricity for “mining” Bitcoin.Preliminary calculations show that small and medium-sized power plants in Yunnan can save 2 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity per year once the illegal energy for Bitcoin “mining” is “reset.”

“In the past, some small businesses have used Yunnan’s cheap electricity tariffs for virtual ‘economic’ benefits due to lower summer water and electricity prices in the southwest region. Investment by industry, damage to the ecosystem far beyond profit, ”Zheng Xiangxiang said.

Recently, Zhejiang Province randomly selected 36 out of 20 IP addresses using methods such as without notice, do not receive, do not listen to the warning, directly visit the computer room, and line up “mining machines”. Fixed various violations and regulations relating to participation in virtual currency “mining” and trading using public capital of 7 regional state-level organizations.

Shaanxi seizes more than 2,000 Bitcoin miners used to steal electricity, as well as the largest Bitcoin “miners” from Hanzhong Mianxian Qunfeng Machinery Factory and Hanzhong Hantai Tongda Transportation Co., Ltd. “Mining machine”. Integration of burglary investigation and other activities.

Since the start of this year, internal monitoring of virtual currency “mining” has continued.

In March of this year, Inner Mongolia took the lead in launching a virtual reality “mining” project, and in May, it launched a platform to announce virtual “mining” companies one after another and plan eight disciplines. Since then, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Sichuan, Yunnan and other areas have caught up with the fast and virtual virtual “industry” to be cleaned up and renovated. In September, after the announcement of the “Virtual Financial Management Report” of mining “activities”, work was also carried out in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi and other areas.

Zheng Xiangxiang said that since the beginning of this year, the province has clearly highlighted the illegality of the virtual benefits, and emergency monitoring, many departments and many provinces and cities are in conflict. He has kicked out illegal ‘mining’ companies and promoted them across the country, with good results in many areas.It can be said that now the improvement of home businesses in the cryptocurrency arena has been achieved and moved to mainstream oversight.

Overall, in response to the cryptocurrency ‘mining’ activity, many regions have become more tried and true operations and reformed. Small-scale “mining”, whether centralized or decentralized, was neat, and in the future our country will not be far from achieving the goal of “killing” cryptocurrency mining.


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